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Charity Golf Classic

29th Annual Charity Golf Classic

Memories from 2022

28th Annual Charity Golf Classic

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Earls Sherwood Park has been sponsoring and golfing in the Rotary Golf Tournament for the last 10 years and we always have so much fun! Marietta and Dee have done such a great job at making the tournament what it is today! I love that there are many different sponsors so each hole keeps you engaged and forgetting about your golf game 😉 There’s lots of food, drinks and fun games all around and it keeps me coming back year after year.
Ashley Samuelson

Earls Sherwood Park

I wanted to reiterate how great of a job you did. It was a fantastic day with an incredible amount of hole sponsors. Best I’ve seen in a really long time. Thank you.
Joel Clarkson

The entire event was coordinated very well from start to finish. It was apparent that the highest level of professionalism was paramount throughout the day. I would not hesitate to support this tournament again. Thank you to Marietta Miller and Deloris deBeurs, event coordinators, for their care and attention to detail at each phase. Congratulations on a tournament well run!
Jenn Carson

Author of Misty River Valley Fairies

Congratulations on an awesome event. It was one of the best tournaments I’ve been to! All of your hard work paid off!!
Doug Anderson

27th Annual Charity Golf Classic

Memories from 2019

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